Best Bowling Wrist Braces

There is a common misconception out there that only bowlers with week wrists, or past injuries, need to use a wrist brace when they bowl. However, this is an overly simplistic perspective, and we are seeing more and more world class bowlers as well as amateurs using braces with extra wrist support for a variety of reasons.

Bowling Wrist Support Benefit #1

One of the best benefits of a brace, and the primary reason for their increasing popularity is they improve consistency. When you wear a brace, your wrist is limited in its movement. Anything you can do to limit wrist movement allows you to decrease the number of ways you can mess up your swing and release. This not only improves the probability of a correct swing and release, but it improves the probability of doing it again and again. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

The support a wrist brace provides also makes it easier to hold, swing, and release your ball. It takes tension away from the muscle, helping prevent getting tired and muscle fatigue. In fact, the time you are most likely to start doing funky things with your wrist and release is when you're tired. So again, a brace really helps with consistency by limiting wrist movement as well as by helping your muscles last longer and keeping them from getting tired and fatigued. Bowling is all about consistency, and bowling wrist support is a great way to improve and maintain consistency.

Bowling Brace Benefit #2

We all know that braces provide support following an injury, whether it's to help during rehab or to protect a weakened joint or muscle. But something that's often overlooked is how a brace can help prevent you from getting an injury in the first place. Bowling puts an enormous amount of tension on the wrist joint and forearm muscles. A brace helps bear the brunt of that tension, which significantly decreases the chances of sustaining an injury. Injury prevention is a major appeal that helps convince a lot of bowlers to wear a brace.

Other Reasons to use Bowling Gloves with Wrist Support

Some of the other common reasons to use a bowling brace are injuries, discomfort and pain, and weak wrists. If you have recently suffered a wrist injury or have had a serious wrist injury in your past, we strongly recommend you use a brace when you bowl. If you know you have weak wrists, or feel like your wrists are particularly week when throwing the ball, you would likely benefit greatly from using a brace. Also, if you notice any discomfort or pain in your wrists or forearm muscles regularly during your swing or release, you should definitely get a brace as well.

Best Bowling Wrist Support

Storm Wrist Support

Storm C4 Wrist Brace - Top Pick

Pro Release Bowling Wrist Support


  • Top of class support & quality
  • Excellent support
  • Industry leading easy & fast adjustments


  • Pricier option

The Storm C4 Glove is quite simply the best wrist support product on the market. Its thoughtful and innovative design provides ultimate functional performance. The adjustable strap around the forearm and wrist offers a custom fit. It offers superior customization in lateral and cup positions. A simple switch allows you to cup the brace or straighten the brace as much as you want instantly. This means adjustments can be done rapidly, including switching from full cupped wrist support to straight wrist for spares and straight shots quickly and seamlessly. It also comes with wrist and hand pads that are removable and washable. The excellent support and quick adjustment switch make the Storm C4 Wrist Brace with Pro Release our #1 choice for bowling wrist support.

Storm Universal Brace

Pro Release Bowling Brace


  • Good quality & support
  • Works for right & left handers
  • Fast & easy adjustments


  • Lacks custom feel compared to the C4

The Storm Universal is unique in its class in that it is ambidextrous, that is, the same brace works equally well for both right handed or left handed players. The Storm Universal offers top of class wrist support, which helps maximize the revs and the power behind the release. It also has an adjustable forearm strap that allows you to really customize the fit. There is another unique feature: at the click of a button, the cupping support mechanism is released, allowing you to flatten the wrist back as far as you want. This is a quick and easy adjustment that allows your wrist to straighten and is optimal for switching to straighter shots and shooting spares. The Storm Universal Brace offers good support and quick and easy adjustment, making this a great choice for Storm wrist support.

Brunswick Wrist Support

Brunswick Bionic Positioner


  • Excellent quality & support
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Highly customizable


  • Can take a while to get the positioning just right

The Brunswick Bionic Positioner is constructed of lightweight aluminum for extra comfort and durability. It's a one-of-a-kind brace that offers true customization by providing multiple lateral and wrist cup positions to fit your swing style and release. The Bionic Positioner offers maximum support for a more powerful ball roll and increased rotation. It also provides extra finger support and helps minimize the effects of carpal tunnel. The durable and light aluminum construction, along with superior support are what make the Brunswick Bionic Positioner our runner up choice for top bowling wrist support.

Mongoose Wrist Support

The Equalizer


  • Top of class durability
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Good for a little extra support


  • Not suitable for those seeking maximum support

The Mongoose Equalizer Wrist Support was designed to give you the benefits of two different products all wrapped into one. The first benefit is that it frees up the fingers and the hand, which makes it easier to get around the ball for greater spin. The second benefit is that it promotes proper release of the thumb, which provides improved lift and a more consistent roll. Mongoose braces are manufactured in such a way that there is a break-in period, during which the brace conforms to your wrist and hand for maximum comfort and optimal fit. The Equalizer Mongoose Wrist Support is a great option for those of you with weaker wrists that are seeking some extra support. It's well made and works well.

Robbys Bowling Wrist Support

Robby's Revs III


  • Good stability and support
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 4 settings for wrist position


  • Can take time getting used to

The Robby's Revs III Bowling Wrist Support is a legitimate contender to the bigger players such as the Storm C4 and the Brunswick Bionic Positioner. This brace offers full customization, allowing for adjustments in lateral positions for improved spin and forward roll, as well as adjustments in cup positions, offering four settings for improved rev control. Additionally, the extended support to the index finger helps maximize the rotation of the wrist at release for improved hook action in the back end. The Robby's Revs III is a well-made, quality wrist brace that holds its own against some of the top offerings on the market. It offers great support and really nice customization. We have no problem recommending this product for those seeking excellent wrist support.

How do we pick the Best Bowling Wrist Brace?

We look at a number of different factors when choosing the best bowling wrist brace. At the top of the list is construction quality and durability. Is the product well-made, and will it last? Also at the top of the list is whether or not it does what it is supposed to do. We test products using bowlers of varying skill levels, from beginners to experts, as well as varying ages, from teenagers to people in their 70s and 80s. Ultimately, the best braces will offer maximum support, are comfortable, have good customization options, are easy to use, and will last a long time. Then we take price into consideration and make our final determinations.

What is the Best Bowling Wrist Support for Hook?

The feature in a wrist support that probably helps promote a greater hook the most is the cupping positions. You want a support that will help you keep your wrist in a bent, cupped position throughout the swing and the release. This increases the rev rate which creates bigger hooks. The Storm C4, Brunswick Bionic Positioner, and Robby's Revs III are all excellent options that provide the maximum amount of support in helping you maintain that cupped position for better hook. In our opinion, the Storm C4 is better than the other two, and ultimately the best bowling wrist support for hook on the market. And the ease and speed with which you can adjust the brace is truly innovative and remarkable.