Top Accessories for Bowling

Bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with no investment in equipment. Just go down to the local bowling alley, pay for a game, rent some bowling shoes, and have a blast. However, if you want to become a serious bowler, you’re eventually going to need a bowling ball and a bowling ball bag to get started. A bag and ball will cost you a bit, but it’s still not too heavy of an investment to get started in the sport. At this point, you’re bowling more regularly and there’s a good chance you’re hooked… what do you do next? What bowling accessories are out there and what do you need? There are many bowling accessories, and the truth is, no one needs them all.

We have complied a list of bowling accessories that we believe are beneficial for most bowlers. This list of bowling equipment options has items that most bowlers will need as well as a few fun additions to your bowling gear arsenal.

Bowling Ball Accessories

Bowling Ball Bag / Bowling Shoe Bags

With the purchase of your first bowling ball, you are going to need a way to carry it around. There are many options for bowling ball bags, some that carry only bowling balls, some that have a compartment for bowling shoes, and some that have plenty of room for balls, shoes, and more accessories. You may even wish to carry your bowling shoes in a separate bag altogether for more protection. Bowling ball bags come in many different varieties with single ball options all the way up to four ball bags. Some bags, typically single ball, have handles to carry them. Multiple ball bags typically have wheels to roll them.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

A good bowling ball cleaner is essential to maintaining your bowling ball and keeping it performing consistently over time. Bowling ball cleaners are inexpensive, easy to use, and great at removing dust, belt marks, and oil. You’ll want to experiment with different types of cleaners to find what works best for you and your specific conditions. Some bowling ball cleaners spray a foam spray instead of a liquid spray. Foam cleaners are also a good option for keeping the cleaner on the ball where you want it.

Bowling Ball Sanding Pads

Bowling ball sanding pads are sanding pads that have been specially designed to adjust or refinish they surface of your bowling ball. Cleaning, polishing, or resurfacing your bowling ball is very important to get your ball performing exactly like you want and staying that way. With your own set of sanding pads, you no longer have to go to your local pro shop to get your bowling ball polished or resurfaced. Ball Sanding pads will improve consistency and bowling ball performance. Sanding pads are typically available in grits ranging from 180 (giving you maximum gripping power) to 5000 which extends the skid length of your bowling ball.

Bowling Towel

Bowling towels are a must-have for every bowler. You will need them to wipe off your ball between shots. Some of the more popular types of bowling towels are shammy, micro fiber, micro suede, and see saws. Whichever type of towel you use, you will find that they all easily absorb oil from the ball and are simple to use. Most bowling towels can be used with cleaners or polishes, and hand washing is recommended.

Bowling Gloves

Bowling gloves are not a necessity. Not all professional bowlers use them, but there is a good reason so many of them do. Whether you’re looking for more grip, a better hand position, wrist support, or some thumb-saving relief, there are many bowling glove options out there. Some bowling gloves have palm pads to increase surface contact with the bowling ball, giving you better control. Some have metal plates or bars for serious bowling wrist support or wrist positioning. If you’re thumb tends to get beat up over longer series’, there are thumbed gloves for protection. Whatever your specific requirements are, there is a bowling glove out there, or several, that will fit your needs.

Accessories for Bowling Shoes

Bowling Ball Shoes

When you go bowling, you are required to wear bowling shoes. It may be unappealing to rent an old pair of shoes that have been worn by hundreds of other people but the truth is that bowling shoes are typically well sanitized after each use. As you start to bowl more regularly, you may want to consider purchasing your own pair of bowling ball shoes. This will allow you to take your bowling game to the next level. You’ll want to find a pair that is comfortable for you and you’ll want to consider all the options as there are many different types of bowling shoes out there. Some bowlers consider their shoes to be an equally important piece of bowling equipment as their bowling balls.

Bowling shoes are typically made out of leather with slick soles designed to let you slide. It is important to be able to slide in bowling to have a smoother approach and release. The approach is all about consistency, and sticking to the floor takes away your control. Sliding also prevents injuries to the knees and ankles by allowing for a smooth, fluid motion. While the soles of bowling shoes are designed to slide, the heels are designed to stop. They are typically made of rubber, which allows you to stop after your release and avoid falling down. Take your time when considering the right pair of bowling shoes and look at all of the options so that you can find the pair that best suits your need and bowling style.

Bowling Shoe Covers

Bowling shoe covers allow bowlers to protect their bowling shoes and keep them smooth for optimal sliding on the approach. Shoe covers protect the soles from scuffs, gum, food, and moisture when you’re walking through the alley, headed out to the car, or on your way to the restroom. They are quick and easy to put on over your shoes and fit easily inside your bowling ball bag or bowling shoe bag. Protect your bowling shoe investment and make sure you add these to your list of bowling gear necessities.