Our Picks for Best Bowling Gloves

There are several ways a bowling glove can help. Whether you’re looking for better grip, padding for more support and control, or limited movement to assist with form or injury prevention, there is a bowling ball glove that will work for you.

Bowling ball gloves help bowlers to maintain proper bowling form as well as help to prevent injury. They can help to eliminate certain types of movement such as hand tilting or collapsing or reduce wrist movement to help improve the overall consistency of a bowler’s release. 

Bowling gloves help to cut down on strain to the hand and thumb over many throws as well as maintain consistency as the bowler’s hand and wrist start to get tired. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bowling glove.

Best Gloves for Bowling 2020 - What to Look For

Wrist Support

Essentially all bowling gloves have some type of wrist support. Most gloves have Velcro wrist straps, varying from light to moderate support. If you are looking for even more support, you can opt for a glove with a metal brace that offers the maximum level of support while being adjustable laterally and forward to give you the best position for roll, spin, and rev control.

Palm Pads

Bowling gloves with palm pads are a great way to increase contact with the surface of your bowling ball. The palm pad accomplishes this by filling in the empty space between the palm of your hand and your bowling ball. By filling in this void, you gain additional support for the bowling ball as well as more surface contact which increases ball control.

Thumb Savers

Thumb savers are bowling gloves with thumbs. Over many games, your thumb can start to become sore and for some bowlers, needs protection. These gloves offer the same benefits as other gloves (better control, contact, grip, support) but with the added comfort and protection for your thumb. You will find that many types of gloves come in a thumb version for those that want the added benefit.

Right Handed vs Left Handed Bowling Gloves

Essentially all bowling gloves now come in both right and left handed options. As a lefty, if you like a specific right-handed bowling glove, there is most likely a left-handed bowling glove version for you.

Ladies Bowling Gloves

There aren't many options out there for ladies bowling gloves, that is, gloves designed specifically for women. Typically, bowling gloves are built for all bowlers, regardless of sex, and ladies simply choose a smaller size. Bowling gloves come in sizes XS to XL and can be calculated by measuring around the largest part of your hand, not including the thumb, in inches.

Bowling Gloves with Wrist Support

Top Bowling Glove with Wrist Support

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner


  • High-quality leather construction
  • Padded steel support
  • Great wrist support
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Extra support can take some getting used to
  • Slightly higher price

The Ebonite Pro Form Positioner glove is constructed with a support system of padded steel to ensure consistency in your wrist position. It also has a high-quality compound that improves grip on the ball for increased control. It combines high-grade leather  and spandex gussets in the fingers for durability, flexibility, and breathability. Then you get increased wrist support from the 3 1/2" wristband. The Pro Form Positioner is the perfect combination of style, comfort, support and durability, and for these reasons it is our top pick for best bowling glove with wrist support.

Runner Up Bowling Ball Glove with Wrist Support

Brunswick Grip It All Glove X


  • Great wrist support
  • Textured gripping surface for better control
  • Great wrist positioning 


  • Can be a little tricky to get just the right fit
  • Slightly higher price

The Brunswick Grip It All Glove X is a great choice for a bowling glove. It not only protects your finger and hands, but the textured gripping surface gives you better bowling ball contact. This tried and true glove has great wrist support for enhanced support, control, and wrist positioning. We found the support slightly inferior to the Ebonite Pro Form Positioner, and for this reason it is our runner up pick for best bowling ball glove with wrist support.

Bowling Gloves with Thumb

Best Bowling Glove with Thumb

Robby's Thumb Saver Glove

robbys thumb saver bowling glove


  • Ultra-grip textured palm
  • Full thumb protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not as durable as some other gloves

Robby's Thumb Saver Glove is certainly an unlikely candidate for the best glove with a thumb. However, it's features are hard to ignore. It's design features a textured palm that provides extra grip on the ball for improved lift. It also completely covers the thumb for total thumb protection. The only downside to this glove is it isn't as durable as some of the other picks on this page. The combination of the ultra grip palm and the thumb protection make this our easy choice for best bowling glove with thumb.

Brunswick Thumb Sock


  • Made from lycra
  • Full thumb protection
  • Can be used without a glove


  • Some consider it too slippery

There aren't a lot of great choices for gloves that have a thumb covering for protection. The Brunswick Thumb Sock offers that protection and can be used with virtually any glove (aside from Robby's Thumb Saver Glove higher up on this page), or it can be used without a glove. It protects the thumb from abrasions and blisters, and provides a smooth thumb release every time.

Bowling Gloves with Palm Pad

Best Bowling Glove with Palm Pad

Storm Power Glove for Bowling


  • Great Grip
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Multiple palm pads to get the best fit and ball contact


  • No added wrist support

The Power Glove by Storm may look simplistic but don’t be fooled. The innovative removable palm pads give you the ability to decrease the amount of space between your hand and the ball, finding the perfect fit for your ball roll. Increased surface contact gives you the ball control and rotation you’ve been looking for. The Power Glove is a great glove for getting extra lift while maintaining comfort and durability. For these reasons it is our easy choice for best bowling glove with palm pad.

Bowling Glove on a Budget

Ebonite React Glove


  • Great price
  • Available in all sizes
  • Great option for both left and right bowlers 


  • Limited wrist support
  • No thumb for those that prefer the thumb saver

Ebonite’s #1 selling glove gives bowlers complete control throughout their entire swing and helps in the prevention of injury. It has a special gripping compound for better control and higher revs. A leather palm and fingers give you maximum comfort and the glove is easy to remove between frames. These features along with the price point make this our top choice for best bowling glove on a budget.