Top Bags for Bowling Balls Reviews

When you start to take bowling seriously, it doesn't take long at all to realize you really need to get your own ball. Then, after you set your new ball or balls on the ball rack, you sit down to strap on those nasty shoes provided by the bowling alley. New bowling shoes become the next item on your list. But once you get your own shoes, you're going to realize pretty quickly that it's not easy to lug this stuff around.

Even if all you have is your own ball and shoes, this makes going to and from the lanes a whole lot more difficult trying to lug around a ball and shoes. Add another ball to the mix and it becomes nearly impossible without a proper bowling bag.

Bowling ball bags come in many different shapes and varieties. There are also a lot of brands that manufacture these bags. Sorting through all of your options and deciding on the best bag for you can be difficult and overwhelming. But don't get your knickers all up in a knot! We're here to assist you. We've tested every bag we could get our hands on, bags of all different sizes and brands. Below you will find our reviews and top picks for best bowling ball bags for the different size options, depending on your needs

We have provided reviews of our top overall picks among all brands. We also realize there are many of you that are loyal to a particular brand, or you just want brand consistency across your gear. For this reason, we have also provided our top picks for Brunswick, Storm, and Hammer bags, independent from our overall picks (though naturally you will find some similarities).

Our Top Bowling Bag Picks

Best 1 Ball Bowling Bag Tote (carry bag)

Brunswick Edge Single Tote Bowling Bag

Brunswick's Edge Single Tote has everything you need in a single ball bag. It comes with a convenient padded shoulder strap, which is also removable if you prefer carrying the bag briefcase style. There are also 2 large zippered pockets on either side of the bag, as well as an additional zippered pocket in the front, giving you plenty of space for ball cleaner, a rag, shoes, or any other tools you would want to take with you to the lanes.

The Brunswick Edge, in addition to a bowling ball, holds shoes that are up to size 15. In the main pouch you will also find a ball holder made out of foam that is also removable. This is a very lightweight bag and comes at a very affordable price point. This is a great option if this is your first bowling bag, or if you typically take just one ball with you when you play. We love using this bag for practice sessions when we want to get a lot of reps in on a single ball. The quality and characteristics of this bag make it our top choice for single tote bowling bag.

Best 2 Ball Bowling Bag Tote (carry bag)

Storm Two Ball Bowling Bag Deluxe

The Storm Two Ball Bowling Bag Deluxe is a carry bag that is very durable and very well made. The quality of construction is apparent everywhere you look, including reinforced stitching throughout the entire bag as well as reinforced zippers. Above the double ball compartment is a pouch for shoes, up to men's size 13. There is also a large pocket on the front that can hold plenty of accessories and tools.

On the back of the bag is a transparent window for looking into the bag without opening it. We love this feature. We also love the oversize zippers that make them so easy to grab and open. When you handle this bag, you can tell that it is heavy duty. We found this to be the most durable bowling bag of all of the carry bags we've tried. For these reasons this is our pick for best double carry bowling ball bag.

Best 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels

Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 2 Ball Bowling Roller Bag

The Storm Rolling Thunder Signature series are our favorite bowling bags across the board. With the Signature 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels, the materials, frame, handles, zippers, wheels, etc. are all heavy duty and extremely high quality. You've got an extra long telescope handle with grip release and finger grooves, 5" super-soft wheels, reinforced stitching and zippers, and extra sturdy base.

This bag has tons of storage too. Of course there's the 2-ball main compartments, the shoe compartment that fits up to size men's 15, a large zippered pocket on the side of the bag, another pocket on the front of the bag, and a pocket on the top of the bag. Everything was so well thought out in the Signature series. There's tons of storage space and the quality is best in class. For these reasons this is our pick for best 2 ball bowling bag with wheels.

Best 3 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels

Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 3 Ball Bowling Roller Bag

The Storm Rolling Thunder Signature series is our favorite line of bowling bags. The Storm Signature 3 Bowling Ball Bag with Wheels has all of the same great features of the double ball bag: locking telescope handle that is extra long, super soft wheels that are 5" in diameter, reinforced zippers and stitching, super strong and sturdy base. Everything about this bag is very well made with the highest quality materials.

Just like the 2 ball Signature, this bag has tons of storage space. Of course there's room for 3 bowling balls and a pouch for men's size 15 shoes, but you also have a large and a smaller pocket on the side of the bag, a pocket on the front, and another pocket on top. Honestly, the Signature line of bags could be priced much higher than the competition and it would be well worth it, but it's really not priced that much higher, especially for the quality that you get. This is why this bag is our top pick for 3 bowling ball bag with wheels.

Best Bowling Backpack

Hammer Deuce 2-Ball Bowling Ball Backpack

The Hammer Deuce 2-Ball Bowling Ball Backpack is a high-quality backpack that holds two balls and a pair of shoes. There are also extra pockets that provide some extra storage. There's a padded insert made out of foam that protects the balls from damaging during transport. On top you'll also find a heavy-duty carrying handle for easy lifting. The features of this backpack combined with the quality materials and construction make this our choice for best bowling backpack.

Brunswick Bowling Bags

Brunswick Edge Single Tote Bowling Bag

Brunswick Crown Double Bowling Ball Bag Tote with Pouch

The Brunswick Crown Double Tote with Pouch has a big main pocket that holds 2 bowling balls, as well as a side shoe pouch that holds shoes as big as men's size 15. One cool feature with this bag is that it has a transparent top on the double ball pocket, allowing you to see the balls while the bag is closed. It also has a padded shoulder strap that is easily removed.

Because there are just the two pockets (one for the ball, one for the shoes), you have to jam other items in wherever you can get them to fit, maybe between the balls, to the side of or inside the shoes, etc. Not ideal. The shoulder strap is nice for occasional use, but we definitely recommend not using it all the time. The sheer weight of both balls, along with the jostling that occurs while walking, make it so the shoulder strap will start to come unstitched within the first year if used regularly. Overall this bag is a good double ball tote choice, as long as it's not your daily use bag.

Brunswick Edge Single Rolling Bowling Bag

The Brunswick Edge Single Roller comes with 3.5" wheels, a retractable handle with locking system, a good size pocket with zipper on the side, and a pouch on top for storing shoes up to men's size 12. The pocket on the side has plenty of room to store ball cleaner, towels, a wrist brace, or any of your other tools.

This is a bag that is well made and will store everything you need to have a good time at the lanes. While it doesn't have as many features as some of our other top choices, it's a good, no nonsense bag that will certainly add a level of convenience to your outings and help you look a little more serious about what you're doing at the alley.

Brunswick Crown Double 2 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

The Brunswick Crown Double roller bag has a lot of great features. It comes with wide urethane wheels that are 5 inches in diameter. It has 2 long pockets, one on either side of the bag, for plenty of storage for all of your tools and accessories. There's also a large pouch on top that will hold shoes up to men's size 17, which means for most bowlers, your shoes will fit along with a number of other items in that top pouch. You'll also find two inner pockets made out of mesh inside of the zipper flaps where you can store rags, notebooks, or other skinnier items.

This Brunswick Crown Double roller is a great bag. We love the Velcro straps that hold the ball in place. We also love all of the storage compartments. It's a well made, high-quality bag that we highly recommend, even for those of you with only one ball. We believe all of the extra storage is worth the higher price point, and you'll already be set for when you start looking to add another ball to your arsenal.

Brunswick Crown Triple 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

The Brunswick Crown Triple roller bag has all of the features of the Brunswick Crown Double roller bag. You have the same wide urethane, 5" diameter wheels, retractable locking handle system, long pockets on each side of the bag, a shoe compartment for up to men's size 15, two inner pockets constructed of mesh, and Velcro straps to keep the balls securely in the molded inserts. Additionally, there are 2 more side pockets, one more on each side of the bag, another large compartment adjacent to the shoe compartment, and of course a molded insert and Velcro strap for a 3rd ball.

This 3 ball roller bag has enough space to store all of your bowling equipment as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is well made from high-quality materials. And the 5-year limited warranty helps make this an excellent choice for you triple ballers out there.

Storm Bowling Bags

Storm Solo Bowling Bag

The Storm Solo bag has an oversized compartment that holds the ball and has two slots, one for each shoe up to men's size 13. There is plenty of room above the ball for other accessories such as a brace, towel, cleaner, etc. There also is an outer storage pocket with a zipper for other accessories.

The bag is well constructed and comes with a shoulder strap. Although the strap is not removeable, it is very well stitched and will withstand a lot of use with a ball in the bag. There is also a foam donut to help protect the ball and keep it in place. This is a great bag. The only thing we don't like about it is the permanent shoulder strap (not removable), though it's extra durable.

Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller

The Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller comes with 3" wheels for easy transportation, as well as a two stage extending handle. The main compartment has plenty of space for a bowling ball and other tools or accessories; it also has a foam base to support and protect the ball. The shoe compartment on the front will hold shoes that are up to a size men's 15, which for most guys means there will be plenty of extra room in there as well. You will also find zippered pockets on the sides of the bag where you can store even more items.

This is a good little roller bag that is high-quality and offers tons of extra space on top of the space allocated for the ball and shoes. The easy-glide wheels make it very easy to handle. This is definitely a great bag for those of you with just one ball to tote around that don't want to carry it with your hands or on your shoulder.

Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 2 Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels

Storm Rolling Thunder Signature 3 Bowling Ball Bag with Wheels

Storm Rolling Thunder 6 Ball Bowling Bag

The Storm Rolling Thunder 6 Ball Bowling Bag is a mountain of a bag. It has three 5" silver wheels to help support the weight while also making it easier to tote around. It's constructed of a heavy duty frame for ultimate stability, and it has a strong telescoping handle. You also have reinforced stitching and reinforced, extra large zippers to make opening and closing compartments easier.

This bag can pretty much carry a house. You have spots for 6 balls, a shoe pouch to hold up to size men's 15, and too many extra pockets to count. And these extra pockets aren't small pockets that would fit little more than a wallet or a cellphone, these are big pockets to store anything and everything you want to bring with you. The top section of this bag is detachable with a shoulder strap and acts as a fully functioning 2 bowling ball carrier with a pouch for your shoes and 3 oversized pockets on the side and the front. For you tournament bowlers, you can't go wrong with the Rolling Thunder 6 bowling ball bag.

Hammer Bowling Bags

Hammer Plus 1 Bowling Bag

The Hammer Plus 1 Bowling Ball Bag serves one very specific purpose: carrying a single bowling ball. It's great quality without the often unnecessary bells and whistles. This bag is perfect for those of you just starting out and want to carry your ball in a bag. It is also perfect for those of you wanting to add a ball to your arsenal, but your current roller bag won't fit an extra ball. The Plus 1 has a heavy-duty Velcro strap that attaches to the top or side of most rollers. It's a great product with a very specific purpose, and it fulfills that purpose well.

Hammer Premium Deluxe Double Tote

The Hammer Premium Deluxe Double Tote bag competes at the top of the list of best-quality bags. You've got an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, a shoe compartment for up to size men's 15, large, rugged zippers, padded nylon handles, and 3 large pockets, one on the frond and one on each side. This is a very well-made, top-quality bag and is our runner up choice for best double tote, falling just short of the Storm Deluxe.

Hammer Premium 2 Ball Bowling Bag

The Hammer Premium 2 Ball Bowling Bag comes equipped with steel bearing inside of 5" urethane wheels that provide a smooth roll. It has a retractable handle as well as a sturdy end handle for easy lifting and carrying when necessary. There are two padded protectors, one for each ball, that surround the bull for full protection, as well as a Velcro strap for each ball to ensure they stay in place. On top is a shoe compartment for up to men's size 15. Then you have 3 large extra pockets, two on one side and a larger one on the other, for all of your bowling extras. These bags are premium quality and are a great pick for anyone looking to easily and comfortably tote around a couple of balls.

Hammer Premium 3 Ball Bowling Bag

The Hammer Premium 3 Ball Bowling Bag has all of the great features of the Premium 2 ball roller, including the 5" urethane wheels, retractable handle, end carrying handle, and a pocket for size 15 shoes. Additionally, there are 4 large pockets, 3 large pockets on the side, and a cool detachable pocket on the top. Again, the Hammer Premium series are premium quality bags and offer tons of extra storage space, making them a great option, in this case, for people looking to move around 3 balls and a whole bunch of extras with ease.

Hammer Premium 4 Ball Bowling Bag

The Hammer Premium 4 Ball Bowling Bag is a stackable set that will protect your 4 balls during transport and will offer you a whole lot of storage as well. It's got your lockable handle, shoe pocket for up to men's size 15 shoes, extra handles in the front, rear and sides for maximum ease in lifting and carrying, dual ball bearing 5" wheels, a whole bunch of extra storage pockets, and padded protectors and straps for each ball. The top part of the bag is detachable and has a shoulder strap, allowing it to act as a fully functioning 2 ball (with shoes) carrying tote.

This is a really good, premium quality bag. Our only complaint with this bag is that the handle doesn't retract as low as we'd like it to. There are times that it becomes a bit of a nuisance because of the amount it sticks out above the top of the bag.

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