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Our chief aim at Bowling Line has always been to help others with their bowling game. This includes helping you find the ball that is perfect for your skill level and style, as well as the latest in training aids and tools, shoes, equipment and accessories. Whatever you need to help you bowl better (or in better style), we are here for you.

We love bowling, and we are passionate about helping others find or increase their love for bowling as well. We have found that just about everybody that puts a little bit of time and energy into developing as a bowler ends up becoming passionate about the sport.

From Beginners to Professional Bowlers

The balls a beginner should be using will be very different from the balls a more advanced player will use. Our staff consists of leisurely players to semi-professional bowlers. We also instruct beginners and brand-new players. This gives us the unique ability to test and review every type of ball and other gear.

Learning to Bowl

The most important thing you can do to learn to bowl or to improve as a bowler is to...bowl. As with most things in life, the more you bowl, the faster you can improve. However, we strongly suggest that if your goal is to become proficient that you invest in your bowling swing and stance at the very beginning. There are some great tools you can use right at home in your living room or bedroom that will help you learn or improve the correct swing motion, stance, and balance.

Must Dos When Bowling

Every sport comes with its own unique set of rules, etiquette, and expected behavior. Bowling is no different. No need to hyperventilate here. It's all pretty simple and straight forward, and is really just a matter of knowing it so you can do it. We believe the rules and etiquette make it more enjoyable for everybody when followed. We provide everything you need to know to make sure everybody experiences maximum enjoyment.

Unfortunately, there are some people that will scowl - and maybe even yell - at you for breaching bowling etiquette. We try to avoid (and recommend you do the same) playing with these types of people, but they exist.

Bowling Attire

Although there are shirts and jerseys that are specifically made for bowlers, the most important thing that will affect your game aside from the ball you choose is your choice of shoes that you wear.

Bowling shoes have come a long way from when I first started. You can get shoes that will not only greatly improve your slide, but that look great and match your style and personality. We'll cover we we believe are the best quality shoes and you can go and pick the colors and style that fit you the best.

Bowling Equipment Reviews

We love testing out all of the latest gear, equipment, and accessories, and we work hard to give you honest reviews and recommendations.

We also make sure that equipment for beginners are tested and reviewed by beginners. Likewise, we have advanced bowlers test the more advanced equipment. This way the reviews and recommendations come from people similar to those searching for those reviews. This makes these reviews more accurate and valuable.