Best Shoes for Bowling - Our Top Picks

Alright, so you've purchased the perfect bowling ball(s), as well as some high-quality cleaner to keep it in tip-top shape. Now you've got to pick some shoes. Or, maybe you are thinking it's time to replace your bowling shoes because they've worn down, and you want to know the best options currently available. By the way, if you are here and you don't yet have your own bowling ball, stop reading right now and check out our top picks for balls for beginners.

It's a common misconception, especially for newer bowlers, that shoes don't matter all that much. We're here to tell you that they matter, and they matter a great deal. Just as having your own ball is the only way to maintain a consistent swing, release, and ball path, having your own shoes is the only way to maintain a consistent approach and slide.

There are a lot of different options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming and frustrating trying to decide. But we're here to help. We obsess over trying all of the latest bowling equipment so we can stay up to date on the very best products out there. We tested dozens of shoes and have provided our reviews and top picks below.

Best Mens Bowling Shoes

Our Pick for Best Shoes for Bowling

BSI Men's #521 Shoes


  • Easy sliding
  • Quality leather construction
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Heels and soles note interchangeable

The Men's #521 BSI shoes are packed with features. Not the least of which is the insole, which is padded extra thick. This relieves tension on the foot, particularly during and at the end of the slide. This helps reduce fatigue in the foot as well as in the lower leg.

Unlike some of our other picks, these shoes are constructed from action leather, which is firm enough to make sure there is plenty of support, but still flexible enough to make sure you are not constricted and that there's no discomfort.

You will find microfiber sliding soles on the right and the left shoe. You will also find an outsole constructed of shock-absorbing rubber for extra comfort. The microfiber soles along with the rubber outsole make it so this shoe will smoothly slide when you want to slide and stick when you want to stick.

As far as universal shoes go (ambidextrous), this shoe is as comfortable and feature rich as you will find. The combination of features, comfort, and affordable price point are what make the BSI Men's Basic #521 shoe our pick for best bowling shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes for Wide Feet

Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Shoes


  • Abrasion free comfort
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable price point


  • Width may not work well with narrow feet

Dexter is considered by many to be the leading brand in bowling shoes. The Dexter Turbo II are a low-profile shoe constructed form synthetic materials. These shoes are ambidextrous and will work well out of the box for both lefties and righties without having to make any adjustments.  

We found that the heel really promoted a great slide. We also noticed very little rubbing throughout the inside of the shoe. This is due to the padding on the inside of the shoe, made extra thick specifically to prevent potentially painful and blister inducing rubbing.  

This is a great shoe, especially ideal for the leisure bowler or beginners, whose feet may not quite be ready for a more aggressive and less forgiving shoe. The width of the shoe also makes this a great choice for those bowlers out there with wider feet.  

The Dexter Turbo II will definitely help you take your bowling to the next level by improving your consistency, approach, and slide. For these reasons this is our pick for best bowling shoes for beginners.

Best Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles

Dexter SST 8 Pro


  • Interchangeable soles
  • Leather toe drag protector
  • Leather construction


  • My not work well with pronounced toe drags

The Dexter SST 8 Pro is a classic look that incorporates some of the latest technology. These shoes are right or left convertible, fully equipped with interchangeable soles. The shoe upper is constructed of full-grain leather as well as mesh for a good combination of support and flexibility. Also has a toe drag protector made of leather.

These shoes are a great way to venture into the realm of high-end shoes without having to pay as high of a price point as some of the other high-end shoes out there. They are comfortable and come with plenty of features. For these reasons, the Dexter SST 8 Pro is our pick for best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles.

Most Comfortable and Coolest Bowling Shoe

Storm Gust Shoes


  • Great looking
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Unique canvas construction


  • Not as durable as some others

The Storm Gust shoe is a really unique shoe in the bowling category and looks more like a cool shoe you'd wear while skateboarding. But don't let the casual, cool look deceive you. It's still a very comfortable shoe and has everything you'd want to bowl in.

These shoes are very breathable thanks to the cotton canvas construction. These are actually the most breathable of all of the shoes we tested, which makes them the coolest looking as well as the coolest performing shoe. The breathability means your feat will stay dry throughout your time at the lanes

The Storm Gust is also the most lightweight of the shoes we tested. When you combine how lightweight they are with how breathable they are, you end up with maximum comfort. For these reasons the Storm Gust is our pick for most comfortable bowling shoes as well as coolest bowling shoe.

Best Professional Bowling Shoes

900 Global Tour Ultra


  • Constructed of kangaroo leather
  • 3 heels and 4 soles, all interchangeable
  • Extremely durable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Toe cap and traction sole made from Kevlar
  • Comes with carry bag, slide sole cover, and shoe trees


  • Highest price point

The 900 Global Tour Ultra is a truly professional shoe and is easily one of the best shoes on the market. These are made from kangaroo hide, which is basically the strongest and lightest leather you can get. This makes this shoe highly durable and extremely performant. They are also as comfortable a shoe as you will find.

So many features in the Tour Ultra that it's hard to state them all. You've got soles and heels that are fully interchangeable, inner soles that are vented for breathability, a traction sole made from Kevlar rubber, a replaceable toe cap made from Kevlar, 3 heels, 4 soles, and a maintenance kit consisting of a cover for the slide sole, shoe trees, and a bag for easy carrying.

These shoes are pricey, but for good reason. You won't find any shoe that is more versatile, more durable, or that can outperform these. You've got the very best shoe for virtually any lane condition you will come across. For these reasons, the price may not be completely unwarranted.

Best Women's Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kerrie Shoes


  • Great looking shoe
  • Top of class comfort
  • Highly breathable


  • Longer break-in period than others

The Dexter Kerrie shoes have a very unique, but very stylish look. They certainly don't look like the typical shoe you see at the bowling alley. They don't look like a bowling shoe, but they sure act like one.  

These were some of the most comfortable shoes we tested out. There are two main reasons for this: 1. They are designed to mold to your foot. 2. They are extremely breathable, so no moisture accumulates inside of the shoe. There is a short break-in period as the shoe begins to mold around your foot. It is worth the wait though because they become incredibly comfortable.  

The bottom line is these shoes are very, very comfortable and look great. If comfort and looks are your two primary concerns, these are definitely the shoe for you.

Best Bowling Shoes for Sliding

BSI Women's Classic


  • Traditional style with flare
  • Extraordinarily durable
  • Good comfort and slide


  • Not as comfortable as the Dexter Kerries

The BSI Women's Classic has a more traditional style while still incorporating a bit of flare and personality. You will find these are breathable with good ventilation. They have synthetic leather construction, which we found to be extraordinarily durable.

We were surprised by how comfortable these shoes were, as typically we see durability come at the cost of comfort. But with a padded collar and cushioned tongue, in addition to a foot bed designed to conform to your foot's shape, you will get comfort along with durability. These shoes also provide a great, effortless slide.

Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners and Leisure Players

Dexter Dani Lady's Shoes


  • Good looking
  • Decent sliding
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not as high quality as some others

The Dexter Dani is an attractive shoe designed for women who don't take their bowling too seriously, but still want a decent and good looking shoe when at the lanes. The comfort and lightweight construction will make sure you have as relaxed and as good of a time at the bowling alley as you want.  

Sliding is enhanced by microfiber outsoles. The outer construction is durable and provides plenty of support through your approach and release. The soft interior lining allows for breathability and improves the comfort as well.

Overall, this shoe is a good performer with an emphasis on comfort and style. You are sure to be happy with how you look and feel with these on your feet.


Bowling shoes can play a big role in helping you get to the next level of your game. They will help improve your consistency and slide. As with anything, do your research before purchasing. If you get a shoe that doesn't match your style, it can be more of a hindrance than a help to your bowling. But matching the right shoe with your style and form will offer a slew of great benefits. Use the recommendations on this page as a guide to help you decide on the best bowling shoes for you. Rest assured that we have done the leg work in testing out the various shoes for bowling so that you don't have to.