Top Storm Bags for Bowling Balls

Storm is certainly one of the biggest names in bowling equipment. Every bowler is familiar with Storm's world class bowling balls, and just about everybody has used a Storm ball at some point in time. They certainly produce some of our favorite bowling balls, and you can read our reviews and recommendations here.

Many bowlers may not be as familiar with Storm's bowling bag lineup. Many will just settle for whatever bag their local shop has in stock, and so never end up trying out or seeing what Storm has to offer in the bag department. But this is a mistake. Just like balls, Storm makes word class bags, and it is our opinion that Storm makes the very best bowling bags on the market.

So what makes a bag good? As with any product, construction and materials quality is at the top of the list. You also want to make sure the bag offers you exactly what you need, especially regarding extra room and compartments. For example, do you want a bag simply to carry a single ball and nothing else? Or do you need room for multiple balls, shoes, other bowling accessories, and a wardrobe to last for a few days? Depending on your current equipment, needs, and purposes for the bag, you may be looking for something completely different than somebody else.

Top Storm Bowling Ball Bags

What we love about Storm's bag product line is the top of the line quality – the materials and construction, especially in the Rolling Thunder line, are truly as good as it gets. They also have a large and varying line of products. This means that no matter what you are looking for and what your needs are, they have a bag that will be perfect for you. Below you will find the full lineup of bags, as well as our reviews of each product.

Storm Bowling Backpack

While not designed to hold a bowling ball, the Storm Deluxe Backpack has room to store all of your other accessories. There is plenty of room for a pair of shoes, cleaner, towels and rags, and any other must have items for when you bowl. Or it can double as something to take to the office, fully equipped with interior organization and pockets with pen holders, room for a laptop, mesh constructed drink pockets on either side, and accessory outer zipper pockets as well. The Deluxe Storm Bowling Backpack is our favorite backpack due to its high-quality construction and utility.

Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller

The Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller is a great 1st bag for any bowler. It comes with a telescoping handle, easy-glide wheels, a foam base that provides protection and extra support, and extra storage with zippered pockets. With space enough to store everything you need, including a ball, shoes, and other accessories, it will make getting to and from the lanes much easier, as well as keeping everything organized and in place in between outings. This is a great 1 ball bag that rolls smoothly, is compact, and is well made.

Storm 2 Ball Bowling Bag

Storm Rolling Thunder 2 Ball Roller

Storm Rolling Thunder bags are, in our opinion, the best bowling bags on the market. The quality of construction and materials used, along with the storage space and features, make them the best bags you can get. The Rolling Thunder 2 Ball Roller comes with super soft 5" wheels for extra traction and a smooth roll.

Reinforced zippers and stitching, along with a heavy-duty frame, provide extra durability and stability. There is plenty of space for 2 balls and a pair of men's size 15 shoes. There is also extra storage with a large, zippered pocket on the side and another zippered pocket on the front. Top notch quality, tons of storage and clean looks make this our favorite and top recommendation for 2 ball roller.

Storm Streamline 2 Ball Roller

The Storm Streamline bags have a more minimalist and slightly more compact design than the Rolling Thunder bags. The Streamline 2 Ball Roller comes equipped with 3.5" wheels, a telescoping handle, and a durable frame that provides extra support and durability. You've got a compartment that fits up to men's size 15 shoes as well as two other zippered compartments for extra storage. Still a quality bag in its own right, if you are looking for a slightly more compact double roller, this is the bag for you.

Storm 2 Ball Tote

The Storm DLX bags are right up there with the Rolling Thunder bags in terms of quality craftsmanship and durability. The Storm 2 Ball Tote DLX stores 2 balls and has a shoe storage compartment that will fit up to men's size 13. A zippered compartment on the side provides extra storage for accessories. The padded strap makes toting around two bowling balls and shoes surprisingly easy and comfortable. The Storm 2 Ball Tote DLX is a very well made, very durable bag.

Storm 3 Ball Bowling Bag

Storm Rolling Thunder 3 Ball Roller

Coming from our favorite - and in our opinion, the very best - lineup of bowling ball bags is the Storm 3 Ball Rolling Thunder. This roller comes with two 5" ultra-soft wheels that provide a smooth, quiet ride. Velcro straps that go over the top of the ball keep the balls in place and secure. A storage compartment on top fits up to men's size 15 shoes.

Four additional zippered storage pockets offer tons of extra space to store all of your accessories and more. These bags look great, have tons of storage capacity, and are extremely durable. This is why the Rolling Thunder Storm 3 Ball Roller is our top choice for those looking for a 3 ball bag.

Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller

The Storm Streamline series aren't quite up to the quality and durability levels of the Rolling Thunder series. That said, they are still really good bags that offer good storage and a minimalist design. The Streamline 3 Ball Roller comes with a locking telescope handle and two 4" wheels. It has a shoe compartment that fits up to size 15 men's shoes with extra space for additional accessories.

There is also a zippered pocket that spans the length of the bag along the side for more storage options. This bag offers all of the storage you need in a minimalist, more compact (as compact as a Storm 3 Ball Bag can be) package.

Storm 3 Ball Tote (Tournament Bowling Bag)

The Storm 3 Ball Tote is a tournament bag meant to carry and protect 3 balls, and nothing more. And it does a great job of that with individual, padded compartments for each ball. This bag has recessed wheels for easier toting. It also has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. A cool feature about this bag is the transparent window along the top for a quick and easy view of what's inside.

The Storm 3 Ball Tournament Bowling Bag is designed to tote around 3 extra bowling balls, so it doesn't have any extra pockets or storage for shoes or anything else. It's a good bag that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Storm 4 Ball Bowling Bag

Storm Rolling Thunder 4 Ball Roller

The Storm 4 Ball Rolling Thunder falls right in line with the rest of the Rolling Thunder lineup with superior construction, superb quality, and excellent durability (how's that for a string of superlatives!). You've got three 5" wheels for better stability and mobility. The shoe compartment holds shoes up to men's size 15. Then there's a whole swath of other zippered compartments to store cleaners, towels, other accessories, and snacks for a week.

The top portion conveniently detaches into a two ball deluxe tote bag with an adjustable shoulder strap for those trips to the lanes where you only want to practice/play with one or two balls. This thing is durable, extremely well made, and has tons of storage. For these reasons, the Rolling Thunder is our very favorite Storm 4 ball roller.

Storm Streamline 4 Ball Roller

This Storm 4 Ball Bag from the Streamline series has a lot of great features. There's a telescope handle with locking and grip release mechanisms, as well as three 4" wheels. The bottom ball compartment loads and unloads from the side and has windows that allow you to see into the bag so you know exactly where to go to get the ball you're looking for. Not many bags offer these window features, but we always enjoy it when they do.

The shoe storage holds up to size 15 men's, and several other zippered pockets offer more storage options for accessories and other items. The top detaches into a 2 ball tote, complete with shoulder strap (adjustable) for those trips to the bowling alley that don't require your entire arsenal of equipment. The Storm Streamline 4 Ball Roller offers good quality in a slightly more compact, minimalist design.

Storm 6 Ball Bowling Bag

Storm Rolling Thunder 6 Ball Roller

The Storm Rolling Thunder 6 Ball Roller is an absolute beast. As with the rest of the Rolling Thunder Bags, the quality of construction and materials, as well as the durability is unmatched. There are 6 spots for bowling balls and a compartment on top for up to size 15 men's shoes. Of course you've got a telescoping handle and reinforced stitching and zippers. Three 5" wheels offer good stability, mobility, and a smooth roll.

There is extra storage all over the place to handle all of your tools and accessories, your wardrobe for a week, and a refrigerator for all of your food! (Okay, just kidding about the refrigerator…but there's a TON of space) As with the 4 ball roller, the top is detachable as a deluxe 2 ball tote with adjustable shoulder strap. The Rolling Thunder is the best Storm 6 Ball Bag in the business due to its exceptional quality, durability, and huge amounts of storage.

Storm Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag vs Streamline Bowling Bag

Both the Rolling Thunder as well as the Streamline series of bowling bags are good, quality options for bowlers of all skill levels, from the leisurely player to the tournament junky. Rolling Thunder bags are a bit higher quality that offers better durability and bigger pockets for extra storage. Storm's Streamline Bags are more compact, so you don't get as much storage space, and the materials aren't quite as heavy duty, so you don't get as much durability either. If you want the best of the best, the Rolling Thunder is the better choice. If you're looking for a more minimalist, more compact bag, you should go with the Streamline. Either way you're getting a good bag that will get the job done.