Top Bowling Balls for Kids

Are you a lover of bowling, and do you hope to impart some of that love for bowling onto your children? Or has your child exhibited a particular interest in bowling? Well congratulations! That's great news. So how do you move forward? You've got to get your kid a bowling ball. But not just any bowling ball, a kid's bowling ball. Don't worry. We're here to help you know how to make the right choice for your child, as well as provide reviews and our top picks. So let's get to it!

The most important factor for choosing the best ball for your child is weight. You can find bowling balls ranging in weights from 6 lbs. to 16 lbs. For young children, you generally follow the rule of matching the weight of the ball to the age of your child. The lightest balls, i.e. bowling balls for children, typically stick to even number weights in pounds. So, you'll find 6 lb., 8 lb., and 10 lb. balls. If your child is 6-7 years old, you'll want a 6 lb. ball, and so on.

Another way you can determine what weight to choose for your child's ball is to go off of your kid's weight. Simply divide your son or daughter's weight by 10, and that's the weight you should choose for you ball, rounding up or down to the nearest even number. For example, if your child weighs 95 pounds, divide 95 by 10, resulting in 9.5. The closest even number is 10, so you would choose a 10 lb. ball in this case. When in doubt, opt for a heavier ball. Heavier balls are easier to control and will give your child a ball they can grow into.

If your kid is 5 years old or younger, or weighs less than 60 pounds, you can still help them develop a passion for bowling through a toddler plastic bowling set. You can find our top picks lower on this page.

Our Top Picks for Children's Bowling Balls

Best Bowling Ball for Kids

Brunswick TZone Deep Space

Our pick for top bowling balls for kids is the Brunswick TZone Deep Space. This TZone Deep Space is also one of our top picks for beginner bowling balls. It is a ball that comes in a variety of different colors, which appeals to many people, especially children. It also comes in a variety of weights, including weights that are appropriate for young kids. Finally, the ball is very durable, one of the most durable we've ever tested. For these reasons, the TZone Deep Space bowling ball is our top pick for children's bowling balls.

Best Toddler Bowling Ball Runner Up

Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow

The Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow is obviously an eye catcher (seriously though, no pun intended). It is a really cool looking ball, and children especially love how it looks. It is plenty durable and is a great ball for young bowlers and beginners. One great feature of this ball is that it glows in blacklight, something many bowling alleys use at nights, especially on the weekends. The glow adds an extra bit of excitement to a bowling outing. It is plenty durable, but the looks and the glow are what make this our runner up pick.

Best Child Bowling Ball for Home Use

Champion Sports Rubber Ball

The Champion Sports Rubber ball is the ball from our top pick for toddler bowling sets. It looks like a real bowling ball and feels much more realistic than plastic balls. It is a great ball for getting the kids introduced to the sport and to practice around the house with. Although some alleys will let you use this ball, we would recommend using this ball as a house only ball. As long as it is kept on the ground, it won't cause any damage to your house or furniture. We love this ball and use this ball in our homes.

Best Toddler Bowling Set

Champion Sports Bowling Set

Our top pick for the best toddler bowling set is the champion sports bowling set. It is still very much a toy, with plastic pins and a rubber bowling ball. However, it looks and feels much more realistic than other toy bowling sets, and that's why we like it so much. We like that it comes with 10 pins as well as a scoring sheet. It's the perfect set to have fun with while also learning the ins and outs of bowling, including how to score. This was an easy top pick choice for us.

Top Kids Plastic Bowling Set

Little Tikes Clearly Sports

The Little Tikes Clearly Sports plastic bowling set for kids is a great, durable set for kids. The pins are transparent, and inside of the pins are different colored plastic balls that clank around as the pins collide with each other and get knocked down. These noises are a fun re-creation of the noises and sounds you would experience at a real bowling alley. The stimulation this set provides both visually and auditorily is why it is our pick for best kids plastic bowling set.

Runner-up Pick for Toy Bowling Ball Set

Paw Patrol 6 Pin Toy Set

The Paw Patrol 6 Pin Toy Bowling Set is the perfect way to introduce your kids to bowling through something they already love: Paw Patrol. I mean, what kid doesn't love Paw Patrol? The fact that each pup is represented on a pin with a full body picture will make it a toy your kids will want to play with. Then they are much more likely to listen as you begin to explain what bowling is and how you play it. It's the perfect combination of a very kid friendly toy and a practical toy that you can use to begin developing a passion and love for bowling in your child.