Top Bowling Vise Grips Reviews

When it comes to bowling finger inserts, Vise is the leading brand of products. Using finger inserts allows you to customize the comfort of your finger holes. You can have less friction, which means your hand feels better longer so you can play more games. Vise finger inserts also help your feel of the ball making for a smoother release. You won’t find these on any house ball.

It is recommended that you change out your Vise bowling inserts every 60 games or so. For regular bowlers, bowling 2 to 4 games a week – that will be about 3 times a year. Luckily finger inserts can start in the $3 range making this an easy investment.

Best Vise Finger Inserts

Here are a few Vise finger grips to consider:

Vise Grips Oval and Power Oval

If you’re experimenting with Vise interchangeable finger inserts, this is a great place to start. Our bowlers find these easy to insert and comfortable to use right from the beginning. These Vise finger inserts are soft and flexible. Some bowlers prefer a harder surface, but grab a set of these to see how you like them. Colors offered are black, blue, clear, green, neon yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and standard yellow. You won’t have problems matching your ball!

Vise Power Lift & Semi Finger Inserts (Box of 25)

This box of Vise finger grips is a home run. All of our bowlers agree that these are the best grips at the most competitive price. This quantity is usually ordered by pro-shops, but having a supply at home for avid bowlers is a great idea. You could always throw a few in your bag also. Colors offered are black, blue, clear, green, and neon yellow. Be sure to order the right size.

Vise Power Lift & Oval Finger Inserts (Box of 25)

How are these different from the previous case of Vise grips? You’ll notice that the ones above are “semi” finger inserts, where these are “oval” finger inserts. Semi inserts don’t allow as much of the finger to go in as the oval finger inserts do. Be sure to know what your preferences are before you order a quantity like this.

Vise Grips Vinyl Thumb Slugs

These Vise thumb inserts are made of vinyl and are ready to carve. The material makes for a smooth release of your thumb on approach. A large assortment of colors are offered, so you can pick one to match your Vise finger grips.

Vise IT Small Accessory Bag

Need a place to keep all of your Vise finger inserts, Vise it thumb inserts, and more? Here’s an easy-to-store and use accessory bag for your bowling stuff. Some bowlers use it for their tape and scissors or extra finger inserts. The size is 6 x 4.5 inches, so it’s just large enough for your small items, and fits well in your bowling bag.


Once you’ve bought a custom ball, it’s probably time to also buy Vise finger inserts. These will help cut down on irritating friction, allow for more comfort, and allow for more games played. Because of their texture, you will have more control of your release making for a more consistent game time after time. Inserts should be replaced every 60 games or so.