Best Bowling Ball Towels

You’ve got the shoes. You’ve got the bag. You’ve got the ball. What about other accessories? Do you need a bowling towel? Yes – you do. A bowling towel is used between throws to wipe off excess moisture, oil, dust, grime, or other buildup on the ball. It’s also nice to have in case your hand gets sweaty or oily. It’s hard to throw that hook if your fingers slip or the ball has too much residue on it. The act of toweling off your ball also helps set a ritual between throws to get your head in the game.

What kind of bowling ball towel should you have in your bag? It doesn’t really matter. A microfiber bowling towel is ideal, but any soft cloth that you only use for bowling will work. When it’s time to apply polish to your ball, microfiber is the best play.

You’ll want it bigger than a washcloth and smaller than a full bath towel.

Because of the oil buildup, be sure to wash your bowling towel separately from any other laundry. Some bowlers choose to hand-wash their cloths with liquid dish soap.

Best Bowling Ball Towels

Here are a few options in looking for the best bowling towel. (They’re also an easy gift for the bowling-lover in your life.)

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Mr. Siga microfiber cleaning cloths come in a pack of 12 for a great price. Nothing fancy, but if you’re looking for a simple and effective bowling rag, this will do the trick! They’re absorbent and don’t leave any lint. They’re especially nice for polishing your ball.

Track Bowling Shammy / Towel

This Track Easy shammy bowling towel is a favorite among bowlers. It’s low priced, comes in different colors, and has two different textured sides. One side grips so that it is easier to hang on to when you use it, and the other is a soft microfiber to clean your ball most effectively. The grip side is also nice if you choose to use your towel as a polishing pad. It will stay put on the table while you set the ball on top and wipe with a different cloth.

Hammer Bowling Towel

The Hammer bowling towel stands out a bit from the others because of its unique orange/black design. It has a soft orange suede on one side, and the black shammy on the other. Our bowlers prefer this towel to microfiber because they feel like it soaks up oil well where the microfiber can sometimes smear oil around. This towel holds up well over time, taking wash after wash. If you’re going to buy one towel, this is probably your best bet.

Storm Bowling Towel

A classic favorite among bowlers, this Storm bowling towel gets the job done and looks good doing it. Storm offers several colors of their towel including breast cancer awareness pink. Some bowlers prefer this towel to regular microfiber ones because it soaks up oil more effectively. Others don’t love that the logo is white because it gets dirty pretty quickly. Overall, it’s a great bowling towel and is another great product from Storm.

Personalized Bowling Towel

Want to personalize a towel? Having bowling towels personalized for yourself (so no one walks out of the alley with yours), or for someone else – this is a useful and fun way to make your towel your own. This 101 Beach towel is 100% cotton and has several customizable options. You can have a male or female bowler pictured on the towel along with a first name. A great gift for any bowler – and it comes with a hook making it easy to hang on your bag.

We're Going Bowling Towel

Not for everyone, but sometimes you’re looking for funny bowling towels to get a laugh from your bowling friends. It’s not the highest quality towel, but that’s not why you’re buying it, is it?

Final Thoughts

In the end: as long as you have a soft cloth that will wipe oil, dry your hands, and polish your ball, it doesn’t really matter what bowling towel you own. Microfiber is the safest bet in that it will soak up oil without leaving lint or scratches. Higher quality cloths like the Storm or Hammer bowling towels are worth the extra money, but not necessary. Bowling towels make great gifts!