Best Women's Bowling Shoes

It’s time for a new pair of SHOES! Whether you’re looking for your first pair or retiring your last ladies bowling shoes because you wore them out, it’s always fun to treat yourself and slip into something that will give you a boost emotionally and competitively at your next league night. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your feet are the only ones that have been in the shoes you’re wearing.

For some of you, looks will be the deciding factor, for others it will be how well they perform. Ideally you’ll find a pair that checks both boxes.

Based on what our lady bowlers have given us in feedback, here are a few suggestions for female bowling shoes. Well, the SHOES aren’t female but… you know what we mean.

Womens Bowling Shoe Brands

Let’s talk about the brands you love. Brunswick, Dexter, Storm, Hammer, and more. (We’re still hoping for some Sketchers women’s bowling shoes and Nike bowling shoes women’s- some day when the stars align!) If brand is important to you, check out these options:

Dexter Womens Bowling Shoes

These are not your grandma’s bowling shoes. The Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes with their grey twill design and lavender detail are some of our best women’s bowling shoes. Dexter always offers the best in quality, and the price is half that of regular athletic shoes. You CAN’T go wrong with these. If these don’t strike your fancy, but you’d still like Dexter ladies bowling shoes, check out Amazon or other retailers. Dexter has a dozen or so colors and models to choose from.

Brunswick Womens Bowling Shoes

Looking for something that stands out a touch? Pink bowling shoes? Purple bowling shoes? How about BOTH!? These Aura ladies bowling shoes by Brunswick are tried and true as reliable bowling shoes, but are also fun on your feet. If the colors are a bit too fun for you, this same shoe is offered in a gray and lime combination. The price of these is on the lower end which is ideal for those not wanting to spend a fortune. These are on the narrow side, so perhaps not for you if you’re looking for women’s wide width bowling shoes. The extra lace holes are great for customization of fit.

Brunswick’s Womens Versa Bowling Shoe

If you’re interested in women’s slip on bowling shoes, check out Brunswick’s Versa bowling shoe. It is a new addition, coming out June 2019, but it is so comfortable and COOL looking. They have a blue/silver option as well as a pink and black bowling shoes option.

Storm Womens Bowling Shoes

Come on. Just LOOK at this gorgeous beast of a shoe. It takes the right lady to confidently strut into league night wearing this but dang does she look good!! A throwback to vintage women’s bowling shoes with the split color toe down the middle and high contrasting colors, this shoe pays perfect homage to the sport you love. Storm always offers high-quality products, as you know. The price is low, but the quality is not. Not too narrow, not too wide – according to our bowlers (but of course check Storm’s size chart before buying). Also, if you’re wondering, there are slides on both feet.

Linds Womens Bowling Shoes

If you’re reading this sentence, then you’ve probably worn a Linds bowling shoe. They are the typical bowling shoe you rent when you visit any alley across America. Some of our bowlers prefer these, not for looks, but for comfort and ease of putting on (Velcro bowling shoes women’s). Women’s leather bowling shoes can be harder to come by, so if you’re someone who struggles with tying and untying shoes due to injury or physical condition, these make enjoying the sport a lot easier. If you’re looking for women’s wide bowling shoes, these are also going to be the most comfortable. Just be sure to put your name somewhere in the shoe so that you’re not accused of walking out with a house pair!

3G Womens Bowling Shoes

You don’t want just plain women’s white bowling shoes, do you? Nah – go for something classy with a little more pop of color. Our lady bowlers have loved this shoe. These are comfy right out of the box and get lots of compliments. If you’re a right hander, or left hander, these will slide for either. Women’s right handed bowling shoes aren’t differentiated when you buy shoes, but these will give you the performance you need regardless of which hand you bowl with.

Hammer Bowling Shoes Women

A trusted name in bowling, Hammer only produces one shoe for women: The Vixen. You’ll pay a little extra for this shoe, but it will love you back for it. It is light, comfortable, and engineered for performance. Note: Right handed only! Despite it’s clean, professional look, the cushioning in the shoe and tongue were what sold us. You’re not in a hurry to take this shoe off when bowling is over.

Strikeforce Womens Bowling Shoes

What’s that you say? You’d like cute women’s bowling shoes, women’s black bowling shoes, and cheap women’s bowling shoes? Look no further. The Opal from Strikeforce is a triple threat: cute, black, and not expensive. This is the highest ranking Strikeforce bowling shoe for women. Nothing flashy, but the subtle color keeps your eyes on the lane instead of catching on a brighter color shoe. Because the price is low, this is a great purchase or gift for those just stepping into the sport.

Womens Bowling Shoe Colors

Storm Skye Bowling Shoe for Women

Maybe you’re first priority is how cute or colorful the bowling shoes are. If that’s the case, here are some fun options that will help you stand out on league night! The Storm Skye bowling shoe for women looks like a kaleidoscope of colorful fun. Of course, comfortable and made to last, but this design is too cool to pass up!

Pyramid Womens Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes

A new brand to the bowling scene, Pyramid has introduced the Women’s Path Lite in September of 2019. It’s getting a lot of attention as a comfortable, cute, affordable bowling shoe. Women’s pink bowling shoes are rarely as street-smart as this model. There are slides on both feet, and are some of the most breathable bowling shoes you’ll find due to their mesh upper.

SaVi Womens Red Rose Bowling Shoes

We have yet to find women’s red bowling shoes (check the men’s department if you’ve got your heart set on them), but these Red Rose women’s bowling shoes by SaVi Bowling Products are pretty cute. They’re subtle but classy while also being comfortable and well-designed. They are medium width and padded on both shoes.


Which pair of bowling shoes should you get? It's a big decision and can be a big investment. All of the shoes we have reviewed here are great bowling shoes. You'll need to decide for yourself which shoes are your particular style and meet your performance needs. We've done most of the homework for you, the rest is up to you. Good luck!