Top Covers for Bowling Shoes

Your bowling shoes only help you if you keep them in good condition. Dirt, oil, gum, and whatever lurks on bathroom floors will leave your shoes compromised as you approach your next throw. Leave those messes to your street shoes, OR get yourself some bowling shoe protectors to wear when you’re not at the lane. You spent all that time and money picking out the best shoes, so be sure to make that investment last. You wouldn’t buy a new car and leave the windows down during a rainstorm. Whether they’re custom bowling shoe covers or ones you bought online, they’re worth having once you own your own bowling shoes.

Does it matter which bowling shoe covers you get? Yes and no. Protecting your shoe is the first priority, so if it does that – you’re good. But when it comes to comfort, longevity, and looks, you may be pleased or disappointed depending on what you get. 

Want some help? Here are a few options on best bowling shoe covers:

Most Durable Bowling Shoe Covers

Hammer Bowling Shoe Covers

There are a few reasons these Hammer bowling shoe covers rank highly with us. First is their durability. Many bowling shoe covers are flimsy and poorly made. These hold up longer and are made with higher-quality material. You’ll get more than a few seasons out of these Hammer bowling shoe covers opposed to other brands. Another reason these stand out with our bowlers is the diamond cover plate design because they stand out from other covers, making mix ups harder to happen. (Someone doesn’t walk out with your black pair of covers because they look like their black covers.) The design also catches their own eyes so that they don’t forget to take them off when it’s their turn. Finally, the price can’t be beat. They’re a few bucks more than the garbage disposable covers you can buy, but for the price of lunch, you’ll thank yourself for getting these.

Storm Bowling Shoe Cover

This is a great bowling shoe cover, but our first word of warning would be that this cover does not come in a pair. Only 1 cover arrives in the package, so be sure to order 2 if you’re wanting to protect both shoes. Why would they only sell one? Some bowlers (and maybe you’re one of them) are only worried about protecting their slide foot. Imagine approaching the line with momentum only to come to a stop because your slide foot picked up some gum or residue. Most bowlers prefer to keep both feet protected, however. The embroidered logo on the side gives this cover a little extra quality to the look and feel of this cover.

Affordable Bowling Shoe Covers

Brunswick Shoe Shield Bowling Shoe Covers

Brunswick bowling shoe covers offer multiple color options in their best-ranking model. These come as a pair and get the job done. These are great for walking to and from the car, rainy weather, heading to the bathroom, or walking to grab a drink between frames. The nice thing about this bright color is that you don’t forget to take it off before your throw, and you won’t get them mixed up with anyone else’s covers!

Dexter Bowling Shoe Covers

Nothing fancy, but a quality product from one of the world’s top bowling-shoe brands. A few dollars more than the other brands we’ve mentioned, these Dexter shoe covers come as a pair and are built to last longer than that last pair you had. The vinyl and elastic keep mud and residue off your shoe so that it’s ready to go on your next throw.

Fun Bowling Shoe Covers

Master Ladies Shoe Covers – Fuzzy

You can’t help but smile when you see these fuzzy bowling shoe covers. Colors offered are lavender, purple, ice blue, and fuchsia. You still get great coverage and a waterproof vinyl bottom. Some of our bowlers with larger shoe sizes (size 10 and up) have said that these don’t fit. Others have bought them as gifts for their daughters with great approval. Obviously these aren’t for walking through a parking lot with puddles, but they’re great for indoor use.

Master Bowling Shoe Covers - Cherries

Obviously there’s nothing fundamentally different about men’s and women’s bowling shoe covers, but if you’re looking for something a little fun, there are some covers the ladies may find more their taste. Another fun option from Master Industries, these cherry printed bowling shoe covers will be a hit on league night! Check out some of their other print options (like flames, and bowling ball shoe covers).

Other Bowling Shoe Covers

Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers

These shoe covers are obviously for a different situation than a serious bowling will find themselves in. But picture this – you take the whole family (we mean WHOLE family… grandma, Uncle Mike, etc.) to the bowling alley for Christmas. Instead of renting everyone shoes, buy a pack of Bowling Buddies shoe covers and it will protect the lane as well as their shoes. This way everyone can bowl in their own street shoes without the bother of renting shoes. They’ve even got a slide surface at the toe and a gripping surface on the heel. Cool! In a pinch, you could have a set of these in your bag as an emergency pair.

Brunswick Bowling Shoe Slide Cover

This is a different sort of bowling ball shoe cover. This is a simple slide cover that you throw on to your slide foot to maximize sliding ability on your approach. This is not a protective piece of gear, it’s for performance. Some bowlers find this helpful when an alley is particularly sticky, or humid. You may not use it for every approach, but it’s nice to have for when you do.

Final Thoughts

Bowling shoes can be a big investment, protect your shoes to insure they last a long time - at least until you find another pair you can't live without. Depending on your needs, any of these shoe covers will be a great fit. We took the time to look at all of the options out there to bring you a list of the best brands and covers available. Take a look and pick what suites your requirements or style. Adding a little flair to your bowling wardrobe never hurt anyone.