Bowling Cups

Whether it’s to display your favorite balls, have a place to store your spares, or use as a cleaning stand, a bowling ball cup will take things to the next level. A bowling cup for display will help keep your home from looking like a college dorm room and more like a deliberate space. Having a cup in your bowling bag is crucial to steady your ball as you clean it before and after games. There aren’t a lot of varieties of bowling ball cups, so here are four to consider.

Types of Bowling Cups to Consider

Kaze Sports Cup for Spare Ball

"Keep it Classy"

The Kaze Sports bowling cup gets the job done without distraction. It lets your ball be the star of the show. Solid wood makes it a reliable cup. With no logos, this stand looks a little higher quality than other ones. These are especially nice looking when you have a row of them on a shelf or in a display case.

Some bowlers have pointed out that these are better suited for display and not ideal for cleaning stands for two reasons: the first being that the cup width is fairly small, so balls can roll off if not set on precisely. The second reason is that if you’re planning on using a stand to clean a ball with soap and water, the wood could potentially become damaged. It’s a great display cup, but not an ideal cleaning cup.

Storm Classic Ball Cup


This bowling cup gets the job done. It’s light and portable so that you can bring it in any bowling bag or even backpack. It’s made of sturdy plastic and takes a good amount of force if the ball is dropped on it. It’s made by Storm, which is a reliable bowling brand.

Bowlers like its durability and material so that they can wash their bowling balls in the sink while maintaining control, and then use it as a drying stand when done. No bells or whistles – just a great stand for a good price.

Brunswick Rotating Ball Cup

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Brunswick's Rotating Bowling Ball Cleaning Cup

"For the High-Rollers"

If you want the best of the best, pick up a Brunswick rotating ball cup. Unlike the bowling ball cups that are meant to display a ball, this cup is ideal for cleaning, sanding, and polishing your equipment. The bearings roll smoothly and stand the test of time. Bowlers who have used this cup oftentimes buy another for their kids or friends. They’ve also noted that the bearings don’t leave marks on their reactive balls.

This is one of those products that once you own; you don’t go back to basic cup. Another nice feature is the price. Originally, these retailed for close to forty dollars and have recently come down to $18-$20. That’s like buying 3 or 4 combo meals at the drive through for something you’ll use time after time.

Bowling Ball Foam Cup

"Better Than Nothing"

Fairly new to the bowling scene, this foam cup was designed for the scratch-paranoid. The other cups usually don’t have problems with scratching bowling balls, but for those who want to make sure that doesn’t happen, here is the answer.

Made of heavy duty compressed foam, this cup easily fits in your bowling bag and offers a soft landing place for your ball during cleaning and storage. We haven’t had a lot of experience with this cup, but it’s something to consider for less than $10.