Best Bowling Ball Spinner Reviews

Bowling balls are an investment. When investing the time and effort to pick the best ball and get it set up to your specific needs, you want to make sure that investment lasts as long as possible and keeps delivering the same performance and predictability over time.  Cleaning, polishing, and resurfacing your bowling ball is as important as tuning up your car.  

You no longer have to go to your local pro shop to get your bowling ball polished or resurfaced - you can do it yourself! Personal ball spinners are a compact and space-saving version of what your pro shop uses and allow you to get the results you desire. You can resurface your own ball to meet lane conditions, take lane scratches and dings out of your ball, or put a fresh coat of polish on your favorite bowling ball.  

There are several types to choose from, but all choices will quickly pay for themselves when you no longer have to pay a pro shop for what you can now do at home, or anywhere else. The size and convenience of most spinners make them portable. You have the control to make sure that the surface of your ball fits your needs exactly.

Innovative Bowling Products - Two Speed Bowling Ball Spinner


  • Motor cover protects from dirt and debris
  • Includes weatherproof bearing shafts for much longer life
  • Generates more torque throughout operating range
  • 2 RPM Ranges: Low - 400, High - 600
  • Rubber feet keep unit from sliding/walking during operation
  • Fully adjustable motor maintains proper belt tension


  • Price – high price tag compared to competitors

Innovative Bowling Products has been developing bowling products since 1972 and has been supplying pro shops around the world for decades. This two-speed bowling ball spinner includes an all-aluminum cast bowl that has been manufactured to the tightest tolerances. It also comes with a custom cast all-aluminum base for durability and stability – guaranteed to outlast all of the other plastic spinners on the market. The 1/3-1 HP motor ensures maximum torque at low speed as well as high speeds.



  • Affordable price
  • Built-In thermal protector
  • Strong 5/8” shaft
  • Die-Cast Pulleys
  • Super Tough Glass Filled Nylon Construction


  • Speed slows with firm hand pressure
  • Tends to heat up during longer jobs

The Vertex ball spinner is a very affordable spinner that allows you to enhance the performance of your bowling balls anywhere. The 5/8” shaft and sealed bearings give you power and control throughout your resurfacing projects. A glass filled nylon base and die cast pulleys together guarantee a rugged long-lasting piece of equipment. This smooth spinning machine is essentially vibration and wobble free, eliminating the need for bolts or clamps.

Other Spinner Bowling Ball Options - Hand Bowling Ball Spinner Kits

Prevent lane shine with this space saving, affordable option. This hand spinner kit lets you fine tune your own spinner bowling ball by hand or with the use of an electric drill. It definitely takes more elbow grease than other motorized bowling ball spinners but will still give you that perfect finish you desire. This spinner kit is affordable and easy to store. Because this is a kit, you will likely need to use this at home.

Donkee Bowling Ball Spinners

Donkee Bowling Ball Spinner

Although Donkee is no longer around, their great spinners are still out there for sale. Purchasing a used spinner is a great way to get the benefits of a high-quality spinner without the high price of purchasing new. Donkee offered their customers such a great product that many of their customers are still using the same spinners they purchased 10-20 years ago. Why replace something that is still delivering quality after a decade or more? You can benefit from the longevity of these machines and pick one up at a great price. For a great alternative, see below.


Whether you decide on a used bowling ball spinner, a hand spinner, or a new spinner, all of these portable bowling ball spinners are great options to help you get your ball dialed in and performing exactly how you want it to. The ability to sand, resurface, or polish your spinner bowling ball will not only get you more familiar with your own bowling ball but will allow you to match your ball to the conditions of where you will be using it.