Best Bowling Socks 2021

Bowling is a rare sport in that just about everybody tries it at some point. This, of course, is due to the fact that it is also considered an activity for friends to do together or to do with a date.

Those who continue to participate in bowling as they get older tend to take it much more seriously - it is much more than just a fun activity to do on Saturday night. Those who take bowling seriously are proud of their highest score, work diligently to improve their average, and make bowling a part of their every day life.

If you take bowling seriously and are proud of the fact that you are a bowler, or you are shopping for somebody like this, we have collected our favorite bowling themed socks and listed them below. Some of these socks are designed to be bowled in, some are designed to be worn in a more casual setting to add a bit of personality to your outfit. Whatever you are looking for, bowling socks are a great way to incorporate the love of bowling into everything you do!

Bowling Socks for Men

Bowling Pin Socks

Bop Classy Bowling Novelty Crew Socks

The Bop Classy Bowling Novelty Crew Socks are made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. These are high quality socks that go up to the middle of the calf and generally fit US men’s shoe sizes 8 thru 12. The Bop pin socks work well as both a casual or a more formal sock, and regardless of the formality of the setting will be a sure conversation starter.

Bowling Ball Socks

Men’s Bowling Ball and Pin Socks

These socks are a one size fits all sock constructed with a cotton polyester spandex blend. They have a good amount of stretch that makes them comfortable and holds them up on the calf. This sock works well as a casual sock, but also works in a more formal setting as well. Just a bit of a warning though: this sock will make whoever wears them want to go bowling.

Bowling Themed Socks

Sport Bowling Compression Socks

The Sport Bowling Compression Socks offer foot, ankle, and calf support via compression stitching. These are crew length socks and really help relieve the lower leg of pain, aches, swelling, and fatigue. They would work in a casual setting, and they would also work in a dressier setting. The Sport bowling compression socks would also work as a Christmas sock thanks to the red and white candy cane colorway.

Funny Bowling Socks

Sock It To Me Knee High Bowling Lane Socks

The Sock It To Me bowling lane socks are a knee high sock that displays the entire bowling lane, including arrows, pins, and bowling ball. The graphics are really well done on this sock. The socks offer a good amount of stretch, and even when pulled up and fully stretched, the image still looks great. These are a show stopper, a conversation starter, or just a great semi-gag gift.

Oooh Yeah “Spare Me” Socks for Bowlers

These “Spare Me” socks are made by Sock It Up, who are known for making good quality, comfortable socks that fit really well. They are a versatile sock and could be worn in just about any situation; anything from wearing with shorts to make a loud statement to slacks and a button up that will easily spark a conversation with anybody you sit next to.

Women’s Bowling Socks

Master Ladies Bowling Theme Socks

The Master Ladies Bowling Theme Socks are made with a 75/25 cotton polyester blend. Master is known for making very high-quality socks, and these socks certainly fit the mold. They are also very comfortable. These would make a great gift for the woman in your life who loves bowling, or for yourself. The socks are unique in that they aren’t just a bowling novelty sock – these are actually a really good sock to bowl in.

Best Bowling Slide Sock

Brunswick Bowling Shoe Slide Sock

A bowling shoe slider comes in handy when bowling in particularly humid areas, when your shoes lose their slip and you’re not ready to move on to a new pair, you have trouble sliding, or if you just want a more consistent and guaranteed slide. Many have scoffed at the idea of a bowling shoe sock, but it is our experience that once you try it, you will find it difficult to go back to bowling without one. There’s no better way to make sure you have consistent sliding conditions regardless of where you bowl.

The Brunswick bowling offense shoe slider sock slips right over the front of your slide shoe. It is one size fits all, works on the left or right foot (works for righties and lefties), and is made of napped flannel. The elastic strap ensures a snug fit for most shoe sizes. That said, we noticed the fit started to get really tight at any size above a 13, so this may not be a great choice if you are size 14 or bigger. The Brunswick bowling sock slider is a great product that once you use, you’re likely never to go without again.