Bowling Jacket Top Picks

A jacket can be yet another way to show others you take your bowling seriously. They aren’t necessarily different than other athletic type jackets as far as construction, materials, and technology goes. However, getting a jacket with a bowling specific logo or brand on it is a way to demonstrate your bowling pride and to let others know you are a bowler.

Jackets can also be a great clothing article to demonstrate team unity and pride. There are times where you will get together as a team when it may not be appropriate or desirable to wear your team bowling jerseys. Maybe you are getting together for a dinner, banquet, or other type of social gathering. Having matching bowling team jackets still lets everybody know you are a team and that your team is to be taken seriously. I think you’ll find you get a lot of compliments when you wear it, and you’ll especially get a lot of attention when you wear them as a team.

We have used a number of different types of jackets for bowling leagues and teams over the years. We always incorporate them in all of our teams that we sponsor and that we participate in. Not only do we love them, but everybody who as taken our advice and used them has loved them as well. Below you will find our top picks and recommendations for jackets for bowlers and bowling teams.

Top Mens & Womens Bowlers Jackets

Storm Diablo Soft Shell Bowling Jacket

Storm is one of the biggest brands in bowling, so it should come as no surprise that a Storm jacket is at the top of our list. But it’s more than just the brand that makes this a great product. It is very well made, has a high waterproof rating, a good breathability rating, and has two side pockets for the hands and other items as well has an upper chest pocket for storing valuables. The Diablo is sharp looking, great quality, and highly functional. For these reasons it is our top pick for best bowling jacket.

Storm Meteor Active Soft Shell Jacket for Bowling

The Storm Meteor isn’t quite as nice as the Storm Diablo, but it’s still a good jacket. The Meteor also scores high in its waterproof rating and breathability. It provides good stretch and is comfortable to wear. Two pockets in the front with zippers provide a place for your hands or other belongings. The Meteor is not as warm as the Diablo and would not be a great choice for colder weather environments. However, it is a perfect choice when the weather requires something light, or if the weather is warm but you still want to sport your bowling team jackets.

Customizable Brunswick Goliath Bowling Soft Shell Jacket

Brunswick may be the biggest brand in the bowling world. Sporting the Brunswick name will surely let others who are in the know what it is you are demonstrating pride in: the fact that you are a bowler and that you take it seriously. The Brunswick Goliath is a great product. The knit polyester shell comes with high waterproof marks and the interior is made of mesh, making it nice and breathable. The front pockets have zippers to protect valuables in addition to keeping them from falling out. For an extra fee, you can get your name on the back with your choice in font.

Best Bowling Jackets for Ladies

900 Global Women’s Total Gear Active Custom Bowling Jackets

The 900 Global has a number of nice features. The shell is water resistant with a good waterproof rating. It has a mesh liner that allows air in and out so you won’t get too hot or sweaty while wearing it. Comes with zippered pockets in the front to keep your hands warm or valuables safe. The sleeve cuffs are bound with elastic to keep the elements out. This is a nice jacket that provides good warmth, good breathability, and keeps you dry.

Vintage Bowling Customizable Pro Satin Jackets

Although these old-school satin jackets are technically considered baseball jackets, the look still has a strong connection with old-school bowling. The Pro-Satin jackets are lined with flannel and are very good quality. These would be an absolute showstopper when worn together as a team. You can get these custom embroidered with a custom team logo or name or both. These jackets are certainly not the cheapest option, especially after the custom embroidering. However, with the wide variety of colors, the classic satin style, and your team logo on display these jackets will demand the attention of everybody around.