Bowling Books Reviews

The internet has spoiled us. Anything you want to know (or don’t want to know) is at your fingertips in seconds. The negative side of this modern convenience is that oftentimes it becomes a chore to sort through which information is helpful and which is useless. If only there were something you could hold that had relevant, accurate information published by a reliable expert without garbage click bait ads. Something like… a BOOK!

Although a book may seem a cumbersome resource for bowling tips, we’ve gathered a handful of useful publications for you. Nothing replaces experience at the bowling alley, but practice doesn’t make perfect if you’re doing it wrong. Perfect practice makes perfect. A bowling book may just give you the edge you need so that you’re practicing correctly.

Best Bowling Books

Bowling For Dummies

Don’t let the title insult you. This is a best-seller on Amazon. It offers tips and guidelines that are great for beginner bowlers and fills in any gaps for those returning to the sport. It covers the rules of the game, equipment, how to throw common shots, how to approach the lane, tips on picking up spares, and how to avoid injury. It also has some pro tips on how to identify your form and its strengths. Photos, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions make this book easy to navigate.

Bare Bones Bowling

This is a great bowling book to check out for a solid resource of basic material from a seasoned expert. Brian Voss is a PBA and USBC Hall of Famer and breaks things down in an easy-to-understand format for any bowler. Perhaps simplistic for an established bowler, many levels of bowlers will benefit from this read. Illustrations throughout the book give useful visuals to stance, posture, approach, swing, and follow-through. Keep this book on hand as a reference book throughout your bowling years to help fine-tune and revisit your technique.

Bowling Fundamentals (2nd edition)

Written by former Team USA Coach, Michelle Mullen, this bowling book offers expert insight on footwork, arm swing, timing, finish position, among other skills. If you’re hoping to work on your hook, or are a left-handed bowler – this resource is especially helpful. Many readers find this book useful for overcoming old bad habits and developing correct ones. If you’re newer to the game, Michelle offers coaching on spare shooting and basic lane play. For the advanced bowler, she has chapters on advanced lane play and advanced spare shooting, as well as the mental aspects of keeping your mind sharp, calm, and focused. For any level bowler, Bowling Fundamentals will give you more confidence in your game.

Bowling Psychology

Okay. So you’re a hard-core bowler. You drink your coffee out of prize mugs from tournaments. You have dreams about not waking up in time for Saturday’s match. Your closet only consists of league shirts. And at Christmastime, people only gift you bowling-themed presents because nothing else comes to mind when they think of you. THIS is the book that may help you take things to the next level. Author Dean Hinitz, PhD helps you get your head in the game by evaluating and strengthening mental strategies, muscle relaxing techniques, positive self-talk, and more to help overcome burnout and anxieties related to bowling. The book is also filled with insights and stories from dozens of professionals in the bowling world. Give it a chance, and you may surprise yourself with what more potential you can unlock in the game.

Bowling Book Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more books on bowling that are worth a look:

The Game Changer

Bowling: How to Master the Game

Bowling Beyond the Basics: What’s Really Happening on the Lanes, and What You Can Do About It